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Even though the world today is very different, our vision from 1998 remains the same. We aim to fight disease and save lives by making prevention and treatment easy, accessible, and safe.

Few, if any, medical treatments have historically contributed better to this than vaccinations. Thus, the easier it is for people to get vaccinated, the more lives we can save. That is our philosophy.

Our contribution

At the European LifeCare Group, we have always provided health and disease vaccinations to both individuals, private and public companies. We also participate in carefully chosen trials and research that can improve vaccinations.

For many years, we have supported the Danish and English National Health Service as a trusted service provider of immunization programmes in schools and national influenza vaccination programmes. Thus, we are now the leading independent provider of vaccinations in Europe.

As a market leader, we can respond quickly to emergencies like pandemics. During e.g., H1N1 in 2009 and most recently with Covid-19, our response teams were up and running with short notice.

Besides vaccinations, we are covering a growing demand for preventive health examinations. Our clinics perform a range of test and health screenings.

In 2018 we partnered with Inflexion to grow the business and support our buy-and-build strategy. Read more about Inflexion here

Our partnerships

In order to make access to vaccination and healthcare easier, we have teamed up with strong, local partners – for example:

With Dansk Orienterings-Forbund (The Danish Orienteering Association), we make TBE vaccinations available to the target group using our mobile vaccination clinic. A partnership beneficial to both Dansk Orienterings-Forbund and us.

“In our choice of a partner, it was crucial that the entire orienteering community in Denmark could benefit from the agreement. We needed a nationwide partner, and in that regard, Danske Lægers Vaccinationsservice more than lives up to the agreement with vaccination centers across the country. An additional advantage is that we will have the vaccine bus visiting several of our events, making it easy to ensure everyone’s safety”, says CEO Bo Simonsen from Dansk Orienterings-Forbund.

Here to serve and help our customers

Many users visit our websites and clinics every months,
the demand for easy access to vaccinations is increasing.

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Our brands

With clinics well located and easy to access or by offering on-site vaccinations our six brands all provide easy accessibility to healthcare services and vaccinations.

Our services

Our healthcare professionals provide personal and engaging health and vaccine advice for our clients.
Services include vaccination, testing, and screening.

Health and Travel Vaccinations

We offer a wide range of vaccinations to individuals and tailored solutions to the private and public sectors.
In our 172 easy-to-reach clinics in Denmark and the UK, our clinical professionals perform vaccinations and provide expert travel and health advice.

Sexual Health and Discreet testing

Our private sexual health clinics offer STD testing and full STI screening in a quick, discreet, and professional way with a greater focus on comfort and safety. All at competitive and fair prices. This service is only available in the UK.

GP services and Health Checks

With convenient private medical care, we cover a variety of services - from occupational health assessments and visa medical for travellers - to blood tests, prescriptions, and smear tests. We also provide workplace medicals and immigration or sick notes. This service is only available in the UK.

Blood tests and screenings

We offer private blood tests for personal and occupational health needs. Whether our clients plan to travel or want to stay safe at home, our team are committed to offering high standard private medical care for every patient.

Research and Trials

As the leading provider of vaccinations in Europe, we see it as our duty to contribute to medical research. We have participated in a comprehensive influenza trial and recently we have been part of a trial with two Danish hospitals in the world’s largest randomised vaccine study, DANFLU-2.

Services provided by our brands

Medical staff

Meet our management, based in Copenhagen and London.

Carsten Schade Larsen

Group Medical Director


Laura Abrahams

Medical Director


Amanda Schiller

Clinical Director Vaccination UK, UK


Nalini Brown

Clinical Director CityDoc & LTC, UK

RCPS (Glas), NMC

Ulrik Bork

Lead Nurse, DK

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Lynn Heesbeen​

Assistant Lead Nurse, NL

Executive management

Meet our management, based in Copenhagen and London.

Tanja Sølvkjær

Group CEO, Head of UK

Brian Bisgaard

Group CFO

Carsten Schade Larsen

Group Medical Director


Malene Paulli Buchvald

Group CMO

Mette Snowman

Group CHRO

Kasper Larsen

Head of DK Public

Benjamin Feltsen

Head of DK Private

Rogier Hoogenbosch

Head of NL

Andrew Paulsen

Head of Business Development

Jaromir Kuchynka

Head of Digital Compliance & Security

Board of Directors

Meet our Board of Directors

Tanja Sølvkjær

Group CEO, Head of UK

Brian Bisgaard

Group CFO

Thomas Thomsen

Chairman of the Board

Ben Long

Partner, Inflexion Private Equity

Karsten Østergaard

Founder of European Life Care Group Ltd

Bill Colvin B. Com C.A

Private Equity Director

Our Team

Medical Staff

Executive Management

Board of Directors

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