Disease Protection & Preventative Care

Disease Protection & Preventative Care

At the European LifeCare Group, we have consistently provided health and disease vaccinations to individuals, as well as to private and public companies. For many years, we have supported the Danish and English NHS as a trusted provider of immunisation programs in schools and national influenza vaccination programs. This has established us as the leading independent provider of vaccinations in Europe.

Safeguarding Community Health through Vaccination

Private Health Vaccination

At European LifeCare Group, we recognise the critical importance of new vaccines in addressing emerging health threats across the globe, for example, the current significant rise of tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) in the Nordics. Our mission is to make vaccination easily accessible and enhance public awareness of the associated health risks of such diseases. By leading in vaccination availability and education, we position ourselves as a key player in safeguarding public health and responding proactively to evolving infectious diseases.

Public Programme

Throughout the years, European LifeCare Group has been a trusted NHS partner providing support during pandemics like Covid-19, Avian and swine flu. In the UK, the NHS has entrusted us to deliver school-aged immunisations and by the end of 2023, our UK schools programme will have administered the flu vaccine to over 1.25 million children. Our staff in the Netherlands administer immunisations to students, ensuring the safest and most efficient service for young clients. Additionally, in Denmark, we support the Danish NHS by providing flu and COVID vaccinations to the 65+ age group.

Corporate Programme

Alongside providing vaccinations to individuals, European LifeCare Group partners with private companies to implement comprehensive vaccination programmes, such as flu, providing an unparalleled opportunity for businesses to protect their workforce. We have capacity to reach hundreds of unique locations across Denmark, UK and the Netherlands all with minimal disruption to the work place. These programmes protect employee health and reduce sick leave overall. Our high customer satisfaction and retention rates highlight the effectiveness and reliability of our approach.



Our Promise…

Our Promise…

With extensive healthcare expertise and a network spanning Denmark, the UK, and the Netherlands, we specialise in onsite vaccination services for schools, nursing homes, and corporate clients. We collaborate closely with schools to schedule convenient hours, ensuring seamless vaccination programmes. In nursing homes, our tailored mobile clinics provide customised vaccination solutions for vulnerable residents. Committed to delivering best-in-class service, we prioritise accessibility, professionalism, and individualised care across all our operations.


Dutch university students vaccinated in 2023

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Health vaccines given through public collaborations


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