Our Role

Our Role

At European LifeCare Group, we are committed to staying aligned with the latest medical guidelines, ensuring that our vaccination recommendations are both current and relevant. Our role extends beyond merely providing vaccination; we aim to raise awareness and educate about the evolving health risks associated with diseases around the globe.

Our comprehensive approach ensures that we not only supply effective vaccination but also actively contribute to public education about these risks. By doing so, we help protect our customers from diseases that are increasingly encroaching into new regions. Our dedication to health and safety reinforces our position in the market as a dependable provider of essential immunisations, keeping pace with the dynamic landscape of global health threats.

Expert Travel Healthcare Advice

Flexible Appointment Options

We offer same-day and next-day appointments with live online availability, making it easy for our clients to schedule a visit at their convenience.

Extensive Vaccination Stock

Our clinics are fully equipped with a wide range of vaccines essential for safe travels, including Yellow Fever, Rabies, DTP, Japanese Enchephilitis and Dengue Fever.

Expertise in Travel Health

Our team of travel health specialists have extensive knowledge and expertise ensuring our clients receive the best advice and care tailored to their travel needs.

Friendly and Caring Staff

Our dedicated staff prioritise clients health and well-being, providing a welcoming environment and personalised care to ensure their travel experience is safe and healthy.

Hepatitis A + B


Our promise…

Our promise…

With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, we ensure our customers are well-prepared and protected for their journeys. We aim to fight disease and save lives by making prevention and treatment easy, accessible and safe.


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