Partnering with us

Partnering with us

Partnering with Danske Lægers Vaccinations Service for clinical trials means a national reach for your research. With our national span of clinics and a long history of on-site vaccination, we can deliver the operational setup for all clinical trials (phase III & IV) regardless of size. We have ample experience conducting small-scale studies, ranging from a few thousand to over two hundred thousand jabs administered within three weeks.

A flexible model to fit every need

We are able to offer two unique models or a mix of both.

The Clinic Model

  • 44 national clinics
  • Clinics approved by the health authorities
  • Network of clinics – a way of reaching many people
  • Easy access and great parking available · Great utilisation opportunities of rooms
  • 5-10 patients per hour depending on type of clinical trial
  • Scalability in the use of rooms and clinics
  • Option for your researchers to utilise the clinics if needed

The On-site Model

  • This model offers the possibility to reach even further than the Clinic Model, with hundreds of unique locations across the entire country.
  • Provides an unparalleled opportunity for large clinical trials in Denmark.
  • With access to Danish healthcare data and our On-site Model setup, we offer an exceptional opportunity for largescale clinical trials.
  • Our operational setup has been improved over many years, thus offering a proven model for handling hundreds of thousands of vaccinations or tests.

Experienced team

Experienced team

We have over 20 years experience providing vaccinations in Denmark. Over the past five years, we’ve actively contributed as a trusted vaccination partner in numerous trials, administering vaccinations to over 194,000 individuals.

We offer trained nurses who are experienced in short-term patient relations, delivering crucial information throughout trial sessions.


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