European LifeCare Group acquires PreventVaccins B.V.

With a widespread vaccination network, particularly in Denmark and the United Kingdom, European LifeCare Group is already one of the largest independent players in the vaccination market in Europe. This position is now strengthened with the acquisition of PreventVaccins B.V.  


”We naturally expand to gain market share and grow as a business. But we also do it largely to contribute to the promotion of disease prevention and diagnosis through easily accessible vaccinations and diagnostic tests,” says Tanja Sølvkjær, who assumed the role of Group CEO at European LifeCare Group last October. 


In European LifeCare Group, we observe a general increase in the number of people opting for vaccinations against diseases – ranging from influenza and tick-borne viruses (TBE) to tropical diseases prevalent in popular travel destinations around the world. 


Demand for private vaccination providers 

Tanja Sølvkjær, who previously held leadership roles at Ørsted and AniCura, took on the role of Group CEO at European LifeCare Group last October with the aim of driving continued growth and maintaining the position as a leading provider of vaccinations in Europe. In 2007, European LifeCare Group entered the UK market, where it now closely collaborates with the National Health Service (NHS). In the last 5 years alone, European LifeCare Group has administered over 5 million vaccinations. 


“We have a strong presence in Denmark and the UK, and both in the private market and as a partner to the public healthcare system, we are experiencing increasing demand for private providers who can make vaccination easily accessible – both nationally and internationally. With the acquisition of PreventVaccins, we are making yet another strategic investment in expanding and promoting vaccinations and diagnostics tests” says Tanja Sølvkjær.  


In European LifeCare Group, we currently have over 190 permanent vaccination clinics, of which 45 are located in Denmark. In addition, there are thousands of mobile vaccination sites, including schools, companies, residential care facilities, and nursing homes across the country. The goal for 2024 is to open four new permanent clinics in Denmark. 


Significant growth potential to be realised 

With the acquisition of PreventVaccins, having been a recognised company in vaccinations and blood tests since 2001, European LifeCare Group gains a significant position in the Netherlands by providing core services such as vaccinating both Dutch students and employees in companies. The accqusition also includes the subsidiary Vaccinaties op Reis from majority shareholder Dunes Capital. Vaccinaties op Reis was founded in 2002 and offers travel vaccinations to private individuals in its 25 nationwide clinics in the Netherlands. 


“The Netherlands was a natural market for us to explore, given its liberalisation, existing large travel vaccination market, and obvious opportunities to offer vaccinations to businesses, which is one of our strongest competencies,” says Tanja Sølvkjær, who expect the acquisition to provide European LifeCare Group with an attractive entry into the Dutch market and simultaneously strengthen the company’s European position. 

Over the next few years, European LifeCare Group expects to further expand in Europe. 

“Vaccinations save lives, and the growth potential is significant. I look forward to leading the way in realising both,” says Tanja Sølvkjær. 


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