New clinic opening i Denmark – Svendborg

Expansion of Vaccination Services: New Clinic in Svendborg

We are excited to announce the opening of our new clinic in Svendborg, as part of our ongoing effort to make vaccination services more accessible across the Funen region. This strategic expansion aims to reduce travel time for our customers, thereby improving the overall convenience and efficiency of our services.

The Svendborg clinic will cater to travelers needing vaccinations and advice for various destinations. By providing essential travel vaccines, we are meeting the increasing demand for preventive healthcare among globetrotters.

In addition to travel vaccinations, the clinic will offer a comprehensive range of other vaccines, including those for Tick-Borne Encephalitis (TBE) and shingles. This diverse offering is designed to address the growing need for specialized vaccinations, enhancing our portfolio and broadening our service reach.

Our investment in this new facility reflects our commitment to public health and our strategic vision to expand our footprint in underserved areas. By positioning ourselves in Svendborg, we are not only enhancing accessibility but also setting the stage for future growth in the region.

We believe this new clinic will significantly contribute to our mission of providing high-quality healthcare services, ensuring that we remain a trusted provider in the vaccination industry.

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