Vaccinating more than half a million children against Flu

September saw the start of the schools’ flu immunisation campaign in the UK for Vaccination UK.

The fact that Vaccination UK has been commissioned by NHS England to provide this service since 2015, is an important step in public health. This program plays a crucial role in the communities they serve by helping to protect children and reduce the spread of flu in many  communities across England.

Expanding the campaign to new areas such as York, North Yorkshire, Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire and North & Northeast Lincolnshire is a positive step in reaching a wider population and preventing the spread of the virus.

Their work is essential to maintaining public health, especially during flu season, and it helps to prevent and reduce the spread of infectious diseases. It’s important for parents and guardians to stay informed about these initiatives to ensure their children receive the necessary vaccinations. Vaccination UK’s ability to more widely offer the porcine gelatine-free flu vaccine this year means that even more of the population can access a vaccination that also aligns with their faith and beliefs.



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