Partner in the world’s largest randomised vaccine study

We are proud to announce that Danske Lægers Vaccinations Service again this year will be a vaccination partner in the world’s largest randomised vaccine study, DANFLU-2. The study is set to enrol 300,000 Danes aged 65 and above.

In DANFLU-2, researchers from Herlev and Gentofte Hospital are exploring if a high-dose flu vaccine can reduce the number of hospital admissions due to flu, pneumonia, and cardiovascular disease in comparison to a standard-dose flu vaccine.

DANFLU-2 started in 2022 and is currently scheduled to run for 3 flu seasons. Preliminary results from a previous pilot study, DANFLU-1, showed that older adults who received a high-dose quadrivalent flu vaccine seemed to have a reduced risk of death and hospitalization caused by flu or pneumonia compared with those who received a standard-dose.

The objective of DANFLU-2 is to substantiate the preliminary results observed in DANFLU-1. Should the hypothesis be validated, the implications of the study’s findings could be significant for both individuals and society, with the potential to mitigate the risk of adverse health consequences.

Read more about the study here (In Danish): Forskningsprojekt 2023 – DLVS (minvaccination.dk)

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