Vaccination partner in large highdosis-vaccine study

We are proud that Danske Lægers Vaccinations Service are vaccination partner in the world’s largest randomised vaccine study to date, Danflu-2. Aiming to involve approximately 200,000 Danes in the +65 age group over the next two years.

In this study, scientists from Herlev and Gentofte Hospital investigate whether high-dose influenza vaccines can lead to fewer hospital admissions with influenza, pneumonia and cardiovascular disease of elderly Danes than a standard dose of influenza vaccine.

The current study is a follow-up to a pilot study, Danflu-1 from 2021, in which Danske Lægers Vaccinations Service was also a partner. The results from this study showed that elderly adults who received a high-dose quadrivalent influenza vaccine compared with a standard dose had a significantly reduced risk of death and hospitalization for influenza or pneumonia. However, the study was not designed to investigate the effect of high-dose influenza vaccines on hospitalizations, which is why this larger study is needed.

If the hypothesis proves correct, the study can be of great benefit to both the individual citizen and society by reducing the risk of hospitalization and ultimately save more lives.

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