Vaccination partner to a growing number of companies

In 2023, Danske Lægers Vaccinations Service experienced an increase in the number of Danish private firms seeking to provide their employees with free vaccinations. Concurrently, we are delighted to note a substantial portion of our clients have returned to collaborate with us in the flu season 2023.

During the 2023 flu season, Danske Lægers Vaccinations Service were notably busy. We witnessed a rise in the number of companies interested in partnering with us to offer their employees free and easily accessible influenza vaccinations. Additionally, there was a rising demand for vaccinations against COVID-19. 

Kasper Larsen, Head of DK Public, is pleased with the numerous new partnerships, and adds: “We are particularly proud that companies return to us year after year. It confirms that our approach makes sense for all parties involved – both companies and their employees.” 

In 2023, Danske Lægers Vaccinations Service maintained a retention rate of 95% among corporate clients and forged several new partnerships. An outstanding NPS of 81 further reflects our commitment to delivering high-quality service in all aspects of the customer experience. 

Over the past years Danske Lægers Vaccinations Service have worked to simplify the process for companies to offer vaccinations and for their employees to use this opportunity. This includes a flexible setup with options for onsite vaccinations and vaccinations at our travel clinics, along with a customized booking system for each company. Moreover, employees are always greeted by professional healthcare personnel. We take great pride in the fact that this effort is mirrored in our satisfied customers. 

Offering vaccinations in the workplace is an effective way for companies to protect their employees, ensure a safe working environment, and reduce the absence of employees. Although the flu season has ended, we continue to provide other vaccines. As an example we are vaccinating employees who handle wastewater and sewage, as mandated by the Danish Working Environment Authority in order to maintain a healthy workplace. 

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